When I leave Texas, I imagine it will be as if I were never here at all. Isn’t that sort of the way memory works? Every so often, I read a passage in literature that results in feelings akin to those just after a panic attack, or after someone has purposefully startled you for their … Continue reading


In July, I will complete my final field work necessary to obtain my master’s degree in social work. Never, in my 29 years, could I say I’ve endured or struggled so much for anything else. I kind of like to think that social work doesn’t necessarily come easily to me; at least not your typical … Continue reading

writer & editor

This journey. All of it. Is curated by me. And lately, I’ve been on my own ass about what that means. I recently got to thinking about what makes me happy, and realized how much I’ve been grappling with my own ideas of happiness versus those imposed upon me. For example, I love bartending, and it … Continue reading

time is distance

i just opened Skype for the first time since 2010. My “mood” was listed as “I’m moving to New York City on Friday.” I remember that mood so well, despite it being more than four years ago. It brought up so many emotions re-reading it today, something so small and insignificant—it’s likely that no one … Continue reading

like david lynch

two semesters spent analyzing interactions with my clients and myself have magnified my interactions with everyone else – classmates, professors, coworkers, friends. learning theory allows you articulate real-life practice much more clearly, and so with that comes more understanding, but also more self-doubting. This endless questioning is frustrating, but also a sign of experimental growth as … Continue reading

don’t read this

Coming at you currently from some sort of Hedonistic bubble land where everything must be injected with fun and distract me from real life. Sounds kinda good for a minute, right? It’s a short-lived high, and everything must be followed by something new or else. It’s a trap I’m fully aware of, somewhat scared of, … Continue reading

something about the self

things that have been me in the past so they might still be me: spending too much time and money at used book stores, constantly planning trips. writing, wondering if my writing is good, reading my writing later and thinking it’s for the most part crap. being way too honest with people, hence making them … Continue reading

the importance of human relationships

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept lately—after all, it’s one of the official social work values—and what it means to me, etc. I identify this particular value as one more important to me of the six or so that exist. But beyond that, the semester is over, and I’m left with contemplating its … Continue reading

CURSE WORDS for Sunday

Duuuuuuuuuude. Things are things. I want so badly to say that I’m so fucking sick of how some people don’t care when they do care, and then sometimes you want to care but you don’t. But I’m not sick of it, because people are awesome and it’s a shit ton of fun when you interact … Continue reading

Notes from the coffee shop

WOAH. (Yea, that’s how I prefer to spell it.) Seriously. Wow. Hello grad school! Last time I wrote, man, was I jaded. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still completely in love with being here, but school has only partially kicked in and my life is already in all-out adjustment mode. Here are my thoughts from … Continue reading